Forecast: Bitcoin casino industry in 2022

When is the best time to gamble on cryptocurrency? Always. And 2022 promises new heights in gaming and bitcoin. Crypto gambling has grown to $72 billion (12.5%) in 2021, and the trend isn’t about to let up.

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Let’s look at the main cryptocurrency trend and then move on to online casino trends.

Crypto casino trends for 2022: drafting legislation, tokenization, transparency, new mechanics.

What trend to watch out for in the cryptocurrency world in 2022

The primary trend that will hit everyone in 2022 is NFT. The peculiarity of these tokens is that their owner can be an investor, club member, shareholder, and loyalty program member at the same time.

Such tokens already exist in games — Axie Infinity is a prime example, with its 2 million daily users. This video game is powered by Ethereum blockchains and allows players to earn by simply playing.

In the game, visitors collect NFT collections in Pokémon, “grow” them and have battles. The customer earns currency by winning a fight or reselling the pokémon to other players.

It’s only a matter of time before crypto casinos take over this model.

The tokenization trend is growing powerfully because it allows people to own assets and make money from them. The first casino that can build tokenization into its games will be an industry leader.

Crypto casino trends

As for crypto casinos, they will flourish in 2022 because more countries are legalizing gambling, including digital coins. The main thing that is needed here is the development of proper legislation.

Drafting legislation

Today, many countries do not ban cryptocurrency gambling, but they do not have a sound legislative framework. Consequently, this sphere attracts fraudsters, plus the state does not receive taxes from operators. The solution to the problem lies in clear and well-thought-out legislation.

Malta can be taken as an example. This European state has already created two organizations responsible for regulating new technologies and approved a law on cryptocurrency and virtual assets.

Developing purely crypto casinos

In 2021, the first gambling sites that exclusively accept cryptocurrency payments began to appear. In 2022, there will be more of them, thanks to the obvious benefits:

  • No need to disclose bank and financial details;
  • High privacy protection;
  • Convenience and speed of money transactions.

New types of transactions

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming the basis for several new mechanics. For example, they facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. And such settlements, in turn, reduce the operational cost of gaming products and monetary transactions between casinos and players.

Through anonymity and decentralization, crypto reduces the importance of national borders. Consequently, lists of banned countries would be meaningless. So any citizen over the age of 18 will gamble in any casino using cryptocurrencies.

Transparency of gaming products

Provably Fair technology already exists, which confirms the honesty of gaming mathematics. Thanks to blockchain and cryptography technologies, online casinos can present more tools for transparent and fair gaming. In addition, these technologies will appear on more gaming sites.

VR and AR reality

The volume of VR in the gaming industry has already reached over $6 billion in 2020. The reason is, technology companies are coming up with more simple headsets and equipment to stay in virtual reality.

Consequently, we should expect more adoption of VR and AR in online casinos. Cryptocurrency, blockchains, 5G are an excellent base for developing VR crypto games.

In addition, virtuality will allow even more impressive and appealing visuals to be achieved. Arguably, pleasing visuals are one of the main tools for attracting new games today. Therefore, exceptional VR design and high-quality graphics will be part of the benefits of new cryptocurrency casinos.

Due to tokenization and gamification trends in gambling, much more enteractive and diverse interaction in gambling products should be expected


New mechanics in slot machines

Tokenization, blockchains, and gamification are significant trends in gaming. As a result, we should expect even more interactive and diverse interactions in gaming products. In addition, operators are trying to gamify the process around gambling itself.

Already, you can find:

  • PvP tournaments and races;
  • Duels with jackpots for the winners;
  • Game mechanics in loyalty programs;
  • rewards for promotion in social networks;
  • missions for which you receive bonuses;
  • quests and immersive universe maps.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will help make all these mechanics transparent, fair, and accessible. In addition, there will be new ways of gamification that will be even more attractive to online casino customers.

Responsible gaming

The more players join online casinos, the more critical the responsible gaming policy becomes. Operators and regulators must discourage gambling addiction — for their benefit.

After all, customers who can control their attitude towards gambling will return to the sites repeatedly. As a result, they will not need to ban access or limit themselves from playing altogether. Responsible gaming is, therefore, a lucrative investment for online casino operators.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and new technologies will need to analyze player behavior. For example, suppose a customer crosses a dangerous line in their patterns. In that case, the AI assistant will have to take measures that reduce the risk of addiction developing: offering a temporary “chill out”, selecting calmer games, setting limits, etc.

Online casinos should conduct educational initiatives so that customers learn more about the possibilities of a healthy approach to gambling.


Thus, crypto casinos in 2022 will undoubtedly show new and unique innovations to their customers. We will get more exciting and diverse games, high-security standards, transaction transparency, and bonus offers. It allows us to look to the future with optimism.

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