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The Plinko game first appeared back in the 1980s. It gained popularity through TV shows and gradually made its way to famous offline gambling halls and online casinos. Then, as bitcoin grew in demand, cryptocurrency holders can play Plinko for the electronic currency.

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What’s the point of the bitcoin game plinko

The player’s goal in Plinko sounds like that: the ball, moving in a random direction through a pyramidal field of dots, must hit the hole with the maximum odds.

The interface looks unusual for fans of classic video slots, but at the same time, repeats its essential elements.

On the playing field, there are dots (in some cases, pegs or pins). The number of dots is minimum at the top of the pyramid and maximum at the bottom. Under the bottom row of points — several wells with different coefficients. So the ball goes to them, rolling down from the top.

The random number generator determines the movement of the ball. However, predicting exactly where the ball will hit and when it will change direction is the most difficult task.

In the course of your spins, you will push the ball each time and wait to see which multiplier it will fall to. Accordingly, the bet amount in bitcoins will be enhanced by that multiplier. Multipliers range from x0.5 to 5.6 to 6.0. In the center of the field are the wells with the minimum value, on the sides — the maximum multipliers.

As a result, the player sets the desired values, starts a spin, and waits for the results. The winnings come to the gaming account immediately after the game.

How to play crypto casino plinko

The gameplay begins with registration in the online hall and depositing your account for the drawing plinko. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted without commissions and are instantly credited to the account.

Next, you choose a suitable slot from a trusted provider and run it.

Configure the parameters in the control panel:

  • number of lines from points in your pyramid (from 8 to 16) — more lines, more variance;
  • risk levels (low, high, standard) — the lower the risk level, the more evenly the odds will be placed at the bottom of the pyramid; the higher, the more chaotic;
  • bet amount — the maximum varies from casino to casino;
  • betting mode — each run manually or automatically.

Press the Play button to start the ball.

Once the spin is complete, the amount of winnings is displayed in the control panel. After that, you can continue playing or stop.

The draw lasts for a few seconds, be careful if you run auto spins.

How to choose the best Plinko’s arcade

The key term is to find a reliable lobby with the best conditions.

To do this, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • published licensing information;
  • use of blockchain technology and provably fair;
  • information about inspections by independent technology labs and certification of the slots offered;
  • choice of different Plinko specifications;
  • work with different cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies, a successful conversion rate to convert bitcoin to the internal currency of the casino;
  • positive feedback from other players;
  • presence of bonus offers.

If you have found the optimal conditions, confidently register and proceed to the draws. When betting on bitcoins, you can use plinko dapps — decentralized applications such as Wink, RocketGame, or Rinobet.

What are the pros and cons of plinko in cryptocurrencies?

We compare the leading indicators of Plinko betting slots in regular currency and bitcoins so that you can visualize the advantages and disadvantages more clearly:

Min — Max bets0.0000001 — 0.2$0.1 — 2.5
House edge 1%up to 3%
RTP99%from 97%

During the game, you will not be able to use crypto and fiat currency simultaneously. In addition, there are no bonus rounds in either game option.

Additional pluses of Plinko on bitcoins include:

  • anonymity and enhanced transaction security measures;
  • instant entry of bitcoins into the account;
  • the growth of cryptocurrencies will also affect your account (it is more frequent and sharp than in the regular currency so that the casino account can increase many times).

However, there are also disadvantages to using crypto:

  • transaction fees for withdrawing winnings;
  • account verification may require you to provide personal information.

Remember, if you do not have a cryptocurrency account yet, you will need to make a particular wallet, buy bitcoins, learn how to control their rate. If you are not ready for additional requirements, play plinko for dollars.

Our tips for playing plinko

Since you’re playing Plinko with a random number algorithm, classic strategies — doubling your bet, Martingale, and others — may not yield 100% results. 

However, there are a few practical tips that will help you act on the plus side:

  1. Look for the best gambling hall with minimal commissions for the withdrawal of winnings.
  2. Keep track of your bankroll (control the budget you set for a single game) and not abuse the automatic game mode.
  3. Remember that the prize (even if guaranteed) can be lower than the amount you spent on your bet.
  4. Do not think that crypto gambling is a kind of mining or a guaranteed way to increase the amount of cryptocurrency in your account.
  5. Increase the number and amount of bets gradually, as you win and in small amounts.

Start the game with minimal stakes and minimal risk. Read the information block and the rules to understand precisely how your winnings will be calculated and how to work for the control panel.

Be attentive, but also play just for fun, then you will surely enjoy the easy-to-use plinko.


Are all crypto casinos suitable for playing Plinko?

Play at reliable halls like Bitstarz,, or cloudbet. They are licensed and support modern security protocols for cryptocurrency users.

How safe and profitable is it to play at Plinko for bitcoins? 

Any bitcoin casino gambling is a risk. However, it will be safe to play if you follow the casino rules and keep an eye on your bankroll.

How do I win at Plinko’s?

You can use classic casino winning strategies. But you are more likely to increase your bankroll if you play deliberately and raise your bets slowly.

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